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Y chromosome

Major advances in DNA analysis have been made particularly in the last four years, and especially as a new tool for aiding family history research. DNA is the carrier of everyone's genetic information which is passed down from generation to generation. 

It is now becoming clear that DNA testing and analysis has the capability to transform genealogy and answer ancestry questions which may pre-date remaining written records.

There are two types of DNA tests now available for genealogical testing: the Y-chromosome (Y-DNA) test and the mitochondrial (mtDNA) test. A direct female line can be traced by testing mitochondrial DNA. However, since our study is directed at tracing the Creer surname, which is usually passed from father to son, we are concerned here with the testing of the Y-chromosome DNA. 

The company that will be doing the DNA testing for this project is called Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). They are based in Houston Texas and are the leading DNA testing and development company at the present time. More details on the Y chromosome test and how it is used are given here

The Y-chromosome test is a simple painless process. A small test kit is provided to participants containing two plastic scrapers. Each scraper is rubbed on the inside cheek of the mouth for 60 seconds and is then preserved in a test tube and posted off to a laboratory. 

The information that is determined from such a test only relates to the analysis of the single Y-chromosome. No information on race, appearance, genetic predisposition, intelligence or state of health can be derived from this analysis.

Mitochondrial DNA analysis is now being used to provide a greater understanding of the very early ancestry of mankind - more than 10,000 years ago. See here for more information
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