Study Objectives


The objective of this Creer DNA Study, involving a group of males with the surname Creer known to have originated in the IOM, are to:-

Provide participants with more information on their own Creer family grouping, by confirming or denying believed relationships and by identifying their most likely recent common ancestors (MRCA).
Enable participants to understand how they connect or not with other Creer family groups
Seek to answer the two questions :-
Are all present-day Creer from the Isle of Man families connected to each other some time in the past - and when was that probably?
 Are all present-day Creers descended from one or more common ancestors - and when? (The current theory is that there is one common ancestor between 20 and 30 generations ago.)
Provide new insights into the earlier genetic origins of the Creer family, i.e. when did they arrive on the IOM and from where?

The chances of such a study producing reliable results are highest when:- 

The surname is rare (like Creer - only ca 800-1000 name-bearers worldwide today) 
The name can be traced back to a single geographical location (Creer from the Isle of Man) 
There is already a sound basis of genealogy research to compare and evaluate the DNA analyses with. (This research already exists for Creer).
The greater the number of participants

And thus this Creer DNA study stands a real chance of providing us all with new information on our Creer family origins!

There are currently more than 2000 surname DNA studies of a similar nature to this currently underway around the world. To my knowledge this will be the first such study into a specific Manx surname and hence may provide additional insights into Manx genetic history also.

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