As Creer is a very rare name (800-1000 worldwide today who originate from the Isle of Man) and a significant amount of genealogy research has been done already which connects these families directly to the Isle of Man, there is a high probability that a Creer surname DNA Study will provide some new insights into our common heritage.

As each participant will be required to purchase his own test himself from FTDNA at a cost of US$148.00 (90 approx) it is important that the benefits of taking part are clearly described. 

As a minimum, participants will receive the following benefits:-

From the Project Coordinator:-

Advice and guidance on the interpretation of his own individual results and of others in the study, in relation to each other.
Possible identification of new Creer family connections with an assessment of when their common ancestors might have lived and where.
Evaluation of the results in relation to the existing conventional genealogical research already done on their own family, to see if this adds to or changes what is already believed to be true.
Full information on the results and interpretation of the study as a whole, both as the study progresses and at other important milestones.
Email (and telephone if necessary) support on all aspects of the study.
Online guidance and progress reports via this website

And together - the participating group as a whole:-

Enhanced knowledge of our Manx Creer family origins
Answers to the two questions:
Are all present-day Creer from the Isle of Man families connected to each other some time in the past - and when was that probably?
Are all present-day Creers descended from one or more common ancestors - and when? 
The satisfaction of taking part in the first Manx surname DNA study

And from the DNA testing company Family Tree DNA (FTDNA):-

A certificate of their individual DNA signature (haplotype)
A report on their individual results
A copy of the phylogenetic tree for the Creer family derived from the results of the whole study. This is a graphic representation of how participants in the study relate to each other and will be produced at the end of the study.
Their own private webpage on the FTDNA website with their results, together with other information and guidance on their genetic typing and matches with other people on the FTDNA database.
A prediction of their individual haplogroup - indicating their possible deep ancestral origin in the early groups of men migrating around the world (i.e. more than 10,000 years ago)
A 12% group discount on the public list price for this test from FTDNA.

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