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If you want to find more about your earlier Creer family,  perhaps find new connections and relatives and contribute to an important piece of Creer family history research.
If you meet the eligibility conditions described here
If you have read the confidentiality statements here
If you have read the disclaimers here and have no objections

Then we would be delighted if you would join in the study.

Step 1 - Order the testing kit from Family History DNA  (FTDNA). Logon on here to order your 25 marker DNA test at the special Creer DNA Study price.

Step 2 - Advise the Creer DNA Study Coordinator, John Creer, of your participation by email

Step 3 - On receipt of the test kit - take two samples, as instructed, and return kit to FTDNA

Step 4 - On completion of the analysis you will be notified of the results (after about 4-6 weeks) and you will be able to access your results online at FTDNA, together with comments about their interpretation.

Step 5 - Analysis and comparison of results from different participants - publication and interpretation to be published on this website here and similar information will be available on the FTDNA Creer DNA Study website here.

John Creer, the Study Coordinator would be pleased to answer any of your questions at any stage in the Study - email him here

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