The testing facility we are using, Family Tree DNA, currently charge US$148 for the 25 marker test plus the postage incurred in sending and returning the completed sample kits back to Family Tree DNA in Houston, Texas, USA.

These prices are at a special group rate with a discount of approximately 12%, and costs for individuals who are not part of a group are higher. 

I do not want to discourage any male-line Creer descendant from participating because of cost. If you are concerned about the cost then please let me know of your interest anyway in participating even if you cannot afford the cost of the test. Contributions from others may be available to cover some or all of the cost of your test. If you wish to make a contribution towards the cost of this study you may do so by going here.

One way to lower the cost of this test is for a number of people from the same part of the family (both men and women) to pool their resources and pay for one representative male to participate on behalf of all of them. For example, if the test costs about US$150 and 4 people share the cost, that is only US$37.50 per person.

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