Entry Criteria


The stated purpose and goal, of the Creer DNA Study, is to perform Y-Chromosome DNA tests on a representative international group of males bearing the Creer surname, in order to establish the Creer haplotype(s) and determine which of the Creer lineages most likely share a common ancestor. 

The criteria for individuals to participate are as follows.

  1. Each participant must be a male bearing the Creer surname at birth and over eighteen years old.
  2. Each participant must believe that he is descended from a line of Creer males that is genetically unbroken for any known reason such as adoption, legal name change, or any other biological incidence.
  3. Each participant must submit their basic details to the Study Coordinator, and confirm their intent to participate in the Creer DNA Study.
  4. Each participant must have some knowledge of his Creer genealogy (at least name of grandfather and grandmother)
  5. Each participant must follow completely the written instructions provided with the DNA sample kit.
  6. Each participant must be prepared to make payment (US$148.00 plus postage) to Family Tree DNA for the 25 marker Y chromosome analysis of his sample.
  7. Each participant agrees to permit the Study Coordinator to have access to the participant's DNA test results for the following reasons.
    1. The need for group coordination with the test laboratory. 
    2. The need for someone to tabulate and analyse the composite group results with regard to establishing the surname haplotype.
    3. The need for someone to summarise and publish the study test results.
  8. Each participant in the Creer DNA Study will be encouraged (but not required) to find one or more male cousins (ideally not closer than second cousin) bearing his Creer surname to join him in trying to refine their haplotype determination and in the quest for new genealogical knowledge of their Creer surname. The study coordinator will in any case be inviting two members of each larger family group to participate wherever possible.
  9. It is not judged to be sensible for two closely-related men from the same family to take part, eg brothers or father and son, as the extra test would not provide any additional information on that family and would not justify the cost.

An explanation of the costs involved is given here

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