Using Results

Each participant may review the results of their own test online at Family Tree DNA's website and after they have joined, they will be advised of their own webpage address by FTDNA.

By September 2006 - 22 participants had signed up and more are being sought. All sets of results have been received so far and can be viewed here. These show a strong genetic connection between 16 participants with a maximum genetic distance of 2 apart from each other. The analysis indicates that there is a 95% probability that these 16 share a common ancestor within the last 600-700 years. 

Furthermore, the analysis below shows that one DNA profile (haplotype) - that relating to Creer genealogical family group A - can be probably be positioned as the haplotype from which other Creer family groups evolved, ie the original or modal haplotype. This is corroboration of the hypothesis that all living Creers are descended from one common ancestor.

LATEST NEWS  A full report on the project so far can be found here

Some information on how to interpret the DNA results is given here

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